Logan & Carolyn


Meet Logan & Carolyn, a Christian couple whose love for each other is truly heartwarming. Their wedding day at the University Of Northwestern in St. Paul was a joyous celebration surrounded by their loved ones. We had the privilege of capturing the candid and genuine moments that made their day so memorable. Through their wedding film, you’ll witness the genuine love and happiness they radiate, as well as the importance of faith in their lives. Get ready to cry happy tears!

Drew & Natalie


Drew and Natalie got married at a beautiful venue right outside of Fargo, ND called the Pines Black, and they had a perfect sunny day to match! The Pines was outside of the major city, and had an almost entirely rural horizon, lending to some beautiful sunset pictures after the ceremony.

Trey & Madyson


It was wonderful to see how supportive both Trey and Madyson’s families were and how close they have already grown before the wedding. It seemed like most of the town showed up to share in the celebration and wish them good luck in their new life together. It was a joy to be part of such an intimate community and to film their wedding!

Cole & Kenzie


Once we finished filming Cole and Kenzie’s wedding, we were so excited to start working on their video! They were blessed with a beautiful day and a scenic venue where all of their friends and family came to support the start of their lives together. They were our first couple of the summer of ’22, which meant they were also the first couple after officially forming Kindle Film Co.