Cole & Kenzie


Once we finished filming Cole and Kenzie’s wedding, we were so excited to start working on their video! They were blessed with a beautiful day and a scenic venue where all of their friends and family came to support the start of their lives together. They were our first couple of the summer of ’22, which meant they were also the first couple after officially forming Kindle Film Co.

Sam + Joni


This was such a beautiful wedding! The perfect fall day, albeit a little cold, complemented the scenic venue of Creekside Farms in Rush City, MN. The Coopers started dating when they were very young, but knew early on that they would some day tie the knot. This wedding was (hopefully) the last solo shoot by one of us before we decided to go into filming weddings together.

Truman + Emily


Truman and Emily were our first ‘official’ clients as wedding videographers! Although at the time we didn’t know how much we would come to love filmmaking, this was one of our earliest opportunities to explore our creative style and develop our skills. Thank you so much to the Vieths for letting us be part of your wedding day!

Andrew + Claire


Both Andrew and Claire are part of large families with many, many relatives. It was joy to see both clans show up in huge number to celebrate their special day and wish them the best as they continue their journey through life together. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Hulm!

Karsten + Katie


The Williams were the first couple to ask us to film their wedding. They weren’t looking for more than a few clips here and there to help remember the ceremony, the guests, speeches, etc, but we felt we could do more. We ended up making a short highlight film that they loved (and we loved making it!). Thank you Katie and Karsten for helping us to discover our passion for videography!